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This warranty policy overrides the warranty policy inside the 0'2 Nails User Manual as certain stipulations therein do not apply to local law within South African borders. This warranty policy is aligned with the South African CPA 68, 2008.

Your O’2NAILS equipment is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of fulfillment as indicated on the shipping waybill, self-collection or drop-off. The warranty period is exactly 365 days from that date.

If any damage, defects, or faults occur within the warranty period, identification by the appointed professional technician of the distributor, or the distributor themselves, will be carried out for provision of the cause.


All goods dispatched from the distributor are checked for quality, including checks of the appearance of the goods, the function of the hardware and software, the packaging, and inclusion of applicable accessories and power adapters.


The distributor undertakes to communicate openly, promptly, and carefully with all customers in relation to issues with received goods. If your products appear to have a problem, please contact us at immediately.  Usually there is a way for us to resolve your issue quickly and to ensure you're satisfied.


To make sure you get to use the warranty supplied with your product and for the protection of your product when returning it, please keep the box your product came in as well as the packaging, all accessories, and ensure to retain the original proof of purchase.


The warranty shall be applicable only to the original purchaser (and is not transferable) of the product from an authorized distributor and only where the product has been retained for use in the Republic of South Africa (RSA).


1. 1 Claims not covered for exchange and/or compensation:

  • Warranty sticker on the product is torn, removed, altered, or replaced

  • Damages caused by misuse, hostile, harsh or forced majeure, violent shaking, abuse, falling, bumping, water or any other liquids being exposed to the product 

  • Resell or transfer of ownership of the product, missing warranty card, proof of purchase, or alteration of either of the former.

  • Warranty period has expired 

  • Returned products that are damaged because of inadequate return or courier packaging packaging

  • Products that were originally approved for return through the distributor confirmed by our professionally appointed technicians to be not broken/damaged and well-functioning after testing, shall not be returned to the buyer unless the buyer pays return courier

  • Damages caused by, but not limited to external voltage or current, electromagnetic currents, electricity fluctuations and surges, lightning strikes, faults in the building wiring, faulty installations, wrong power supplies used, or abnormal changes in public circuits 

  • Improper use of controls and or failure to use the product in accordance with the operating instructions 

  • Where the product has been infested with insects or pests 

  • Any repair or tampering by an unauthorized person or organization, or attempt to perform cleaning, disassembly or maintenance, or tamper with the equipment, or use of parts not supplied by authorized persons, or alterations or modification to the equipment 

  • Modifying the exterior of the device by gluing, pasting, or sticking ‘decorative’ images on the device can void the warranty if such attachments impact the interior mechanics of the device. Such attachments may influence the strength of your network connectivity on the device. 

  • Damages caused using non-original ink cartridges and non-original spare parts

  • Damages/defects caused by transportation by the user 

  • Cartridges are not refundable or replaceable unless faulty upon opening and pictures support the immediate fault upon unsealing.


1. 2 Product Replacement/Refund Policy

The distributor provides a 14-day replacement/refund under the following circumstances:

  • The product received is not the product that was ordered 

  • The product is faulty 

  • The product is unwanted 

  • The product, product accessories (power adaptor, power cable, USB LED lamp and fingernail holder) and product packaging shows no signs of abuse or physical damage as mentioned above in this policy.


The 14-Day replacement warranty is valid for 14 days starting on the date of fulfillment as indicated on the shipping waybill, the date of client self-collection or drop-off.


To be eligible for a return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase as well as substantial evidence as to what the fault is.


All returns are booked in for investigation/inspection. Once approved, refunds may be processed. Investigation/Inspection normally takes less than 7 business days to be completed.


If you return a defective/damaged/unwanted product to us, you must ensure that the product is returned in mint condition (Unwanted Products) and/or original accessories and packaging. If you fail to return all the accessories and packaging that were sold with that product, we are entitled to (subject to applicable law) to refuse the return, only to refund the item that you did return, or to estimate the value of the condition, missing accessories, and content and only to credit or refund you in respect of the returned item.


Consumables such as print gel, nail mask, top seal, Gel Colour Mixing pens, or press-on nails and packaging supplies cannot be refunded/replaced after 1 day from date of fulfillment as indicated on the shipping waybill, the date of client self-collection drop-off. If within 1 day, the product will only be refunded after inspection has been done that no contamination or quantities used exceed a reasonable usage of 1 day if the product is unwanted. If the product is defective, it will be replaced.

1. 3 Product Repair Policy

The O’2NAILS Printer’s distributor or appointed professional technician can carry out professional repairs on your printer. The distributor holds the right to make changes to - or repairs on – your damaged/defective/faulty printer, instead of replacing the whole unit.


Distributors can offer problem-solving for faulty products which were either shipped in an unsatisfactory condition or developed internal faults naturally during usage without issues of physical damage or unsupported usage.


The distributor may request the customer to perform some routine checks and troubleshooting or maintenance over the phone to ensure the printer is truly faulty.

The distributor reserves the right to assist with troubleshooting and repairs as much as reasonably possible either remotely, or onsite. If there is no solution either remotely or onsite, further arrangements will be made for either repair, replacement, or refund as set out in the applicable situations below.

The distributor has 7 working days for assessment/diagnosis/troubleshooting if any damage or faults within the warranty period of the machine occur. This will determine whether the damage is a manufacturer fault, or user negligence; and so, the respective party will be held liable. The distributor has the right to request delivery of faulty product if video or photo evidence is not deemed substantial.

Repairs usually take between 5 - 10 business days from the date we receive the faulty product. The repair process period may be extended under the following conditions:

  • Unavailability of spare parts 

  • We are unable to contact you for additional information regarding any product faults/defects

  • Unforeseen software issues that may be required - When a product requires additional testing/inspection All faulty/defective/damaged devices need to be returned to the distributor within 7 days of the customer recognizing the fault/damage/defect.


1. 4 Who pays for what? 

  • Wrong product received within the 14 Day Policy:  The distributor is responsible for all costs to arrange the product to be collected and replaced with the correct product. This only applies to addresses within South-African borders. 

  • Unwanted product within the 14 Day Policy:  Buyer is responsible for all costs to arrange the product to be returned to the distributor’s physical address. -

  • Faulty product outside 14 Day Policy and within the set product warranty:   Buyer is responsible for all costs to arrange the product to be returned to the distributor’s physical address. The distributor is responsible for all costs to arrange the repaired/replaced product to be returned to the client/buyer. This only applies to addresses within South-African borders. 

  • Product return after the product warranty expiration date:   Buyer is responsible for all costs to arrange the product to be returned to the distributor’s physical address. 

  • Physical damaged/Abused product repairs: ​  Buyer is responsible for all costs to arrange the product to be returned to the distributor’s physical address. Buyer is also responsible for all costs to arrange the product to be collected from the distributor’s physical address.


                                                    (The distributor’s couriers can be used at a flat rate nationwide @ R165).

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