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Aimee, Aileah Health & Beauty – Benoni, Gauteng

“I am 100% happy with this product!  I had to become comfortable with operating the printer and its different consumables, but now my clients get quality, fast, and customizable nail art for all seasons and events.  I save myself time too and my overall profitability is showing in how quickly I have made my cost of the machine back”

Yolandi te Brugge – Sea Point, Cape Town

“The printer is easier to use than I thought. I was guided well by the distributor and with self-practice, I know how to choose quality images from Google, Pintrest as well as other online sources and my own photos to print.  It saves me a lot of time and I can print instant designs for events.”

Emfrie – Lindley, Free State

“The printer and its consumables are more affordable than I expected and I wish more business offered support like this!  I am still learning to perfect the effects and printing techniques for different designs. The PG5 glitter print gel is a must have!”

Jolene J.V Rensburg – Parys, Free State

“I print mostly flowers and marble designs and am very happy with the accuracy and end results of prints.  The SA distributor gave me an amazing initial sales experience, as well as great after-sales service!  Although I only use the printer for personal DIY at home, I found it to be affordable and well worth its local price.”

Natasha Viljoen - Pretoria, Gauteng 

The distributor’s after-sale service was friendly, and she showed me everything.  I am printing photos mostly and the end results and accuracy of the prints are amazing.  It’s worth the price and operationally, it’s easier than I thought it would be. It saves me time and I am sure it will be profitable.

Cassandra Peer - Pretoria, Gauteng 

I am happy and satisfied with the printer, and the service is brilliant! Its saving me a lot of time as I print mostly Google images which can be difficult to manually draw.  Its attracting clients and I found it easy to use the more I printed.

Annika Orr – Pretoria, Gauteng 

The printer is simple to use if you follow the instructions.  I love printing photos as well as designs from the O’2 Nails App.  There is no effort, or trying to do freehand nail art. I just use my nail printer and in 30 seconds the results are amazing! My clients are happier and it’s attracting more people.

Riana Booysen – Bethlehem, Free State 

I was more than happy with the easy sale; and its worth the price I paid.  My clients choose prints from inside the O’2 Nails app but also like custom art from other external sites like Google, their own photos, African artwork, and any design which I can see will work and is good quality.  The printer does not work well with photos or images that have been edited before or are not HD and low resolution.  I handle my machine very well, but it takes practice and time! I am seeing a spike in sales, especially for press-on nails!

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