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How do I get the most out of my printer's capabilities?

Operational self-training is key to utilizing the printer. Like any technological device, practice makes perfect.  We highly recommend practicing on your own nails or tips, as well as testing different designs/photos/images before printing on clients if being used commercially.  Cleaning the cartridge should also become a habit when the printer has not been used, if a colour is not correct or smudged, or if the nail has touched the nozzle by accident.  The user experience improves with provided User Guides, tutorials on the app, and with experience.

When and how will I know to clean my cartridge?

Cartridges are consumables; they might need regular cleaning if transported (not recommended), if the colour comes out wrong or not at all, if the machine has not been used in several days, or if the wet nail has touched the underside of the nozzle on the cartridge by accident during printing, inserting, or removing the finger.  Immediately remove the cartridge and clean it before the nozzles block and dry (please follow cartridge cleaning tutorial).

What is the warranty of the machine?

In the unlikely event of faulty manufacturer workmanship, functioning or defect, you are cover by a 12-month manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase. The original warranty card and proof of purchase must be kept for repairs, refunds or replacements. Any sign of user negligence within the 12-month period detected, will affect the repair, replacement or refund decision. Troubleshooting tutorials are also available on the app, inside the User Guide, and on the O'2 Nails Website. Cartridges are consumables, therefore they will not be replaced unless faulty upon unsealing and proof is sent immediately; please refer to the User Guide and the Warranty section for the terms on this

Are the designs and the app free?

Yes, the app has more than 800 free designs for you to choose from and download into your account to use.  It is highly recommended to download these designs as soon as possible over your Wi-Fi or data network according to the Pattern Download Guide provided on our website so that your gallery is full and options are uninterrupted when printing.

What do I receive with my V11 Nail Printer Machine?

Package includes the V11 O’2 Nails Printer as well as:


•    SM10 full colour ink cartridge
•    PG4 translucent white print gel
•    PG0 transparent print gel
•    PG5 transparent glitter print gel
•    NM nail mask (liquid latex)
•    TS top seal gel



•    Mini USB LED lamp (for curing the print)
•    Artificial fingernail holder (for printing on tips and press-on nails)
•    Nail cleanser pads (to clean the nail area)
•    Nail file (to file or shape the nail area)
•    Base coat stickers (to stick over natural nails in case of no liquid base coat)
•    Test papers (to test ink cartridge colours on upon cartridge installation)
•    Test-pattern compare card (to check colours are correct upon cartridge installation
•    Outlet: 2-pin plug
•    User Manual

What should the nail status be before printing?

A basic manicure on natural nails is required.  Removing dead skin from the nail area, pushing cuticles back, and freeing the nail bed from oil/moisture.  We highly recommended a base gel to be applied too.  For, acrylic build, sculpturing, press-on, or gel overlay, follow your normal process; buffed and smoothed.

Can I use my own products in the printing process? 

Only our specially formulated PG print gels and SM10 ink cartridge can be used to print. We also recommend using the TS top seal gel provided in your package, but feel free to use your own base gel, colour gel, and top seal gel, as you have experience with, and confidence in them.

How long does the print last?

The print can last 3-5 weeks if a decent quality base gel and top seal gel are applied as recommended.

How do I remove the print?

If the print is still wet, nail polish remover or acetone can be used to wipe it off. If the print has been cured or a topcoat applied and cured, filing will be required.

What is the best nail base for printing?

Printing can be done on a buffed sculptured, gel, acrylic, polish or natural nail. The machine can print the design on the area which it can detect. Results are more detailed and clear on a longer, larger nail bed.

What format and size image or photo can I use?

Using any high-definition photo/image is extremely important.  Nothing less than 1MB is recommended.  A brighter (not dark) photo or image is recommended.  Screenshots of images/photos, cropped images/photos, and photos of photos/images will not print well.  Not all images from the Internet will work as various sources have various qualities and formats that the printer cannot always read.

What is the shelf-life of the ink cartridge?

The SM10 has a 13-month shelf-life and can be stored in a dry, dark environment. Cartridges are vacuum-sealed to maintain optimum print quality. We recommend keeping your cartridge sealed and in its original packaging if they do not need to be used right away. If they are removed from their packaging prematurely, they will be more likely to dry out. If you do not use your printer for an extended period (2 weeks or more), your cartridge can be wrapped gently in cellophane and stored standing upwards as shown in your User Guides.

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