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The O’2Nails Printer works by combining printing technology and nail art for printing images, designs, styles, and photos on natural or artificial nails. The only products essential to the process are the ink cartridge, the print gel, and the printing machine itself. 

Download the O’2 Nails app on your smart phone or tablet and connect it to the O’2Nails Printer machine via Wi-Fi. The app and the designs are free and available for both iPhone and Android phones. You can also choose your favourite picture or image from your own device’s album.  Once connected and signed in, strictly follow the User Guide to set up, install the cartridge, and prep the nail surface.

Step 1:

Apply base gel (cure) 


Step 2:

Apply nail mask (dry naturally)


Step 3:

Apply print gel (no cure)


Step 4:

Insert finger and align evenly on the platform

Coat01 (1).png

Step 5:

Choose a design on the app or an image from the mobile device's gallery.  Align/crop the design or image on the screen to fit the nail.  Press print and wait 20-35 seconds.

Untitled design - 2021-11-16T141824.376.png
Untitled design - 2021-11-03T151923.044.png

Step 6:

Remove finger and cure in LED oven until matte (fully dry).

Step 7:

Apply top seal gel (cure)

Coat01 (2).png
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